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Register for One Of our 3-day "Healing Broken Trust" workshops designed to help you not only fully recover from the destruction that an affair can have on your marriage, but make it stronger than BEFORE the affair!

Deep Meaningful Healing With Your Partner After Betrayal Is Made Simple With This 3-Day "Healing Broken Trust" Workshop, Even If Your Communication Sucks or You Think It Couldn’t Get Any Better (or Worse!)

RE: Are you ready to finally heal the marriage with proven support? 

Are you stuck in a negative cycle? Ready to stop struggling and find trust and happiness?.....Yes? Then keep reading!

Dear friends,

You may have a lot of questions about the affair like “why did this happen?” and “how do we regain trust?  

Still more questions about the relationship like, "How do I know they love me?” “Is it possible to heal from this?” and “What do we do now?”

If this is you, maybe you haven’t been able to get to the answers you’ve been looking for because you and your partner fight a lot or avoid the conversations about the affair(s).

Maybe you've gone to counseling but you can't seem to get the answers you really need. If this is you then there's a better way. We can show you how in the Healing Broken Trust 3-Day Workshop.

We talk a lot about the negative cycles couples get caught in.  

And what you need to do to break out of the rut you’re getting caught in.

If you’re fighting or avoiding issues this 3-Day Workshop is going to transform your relationship and make the healing process so much easier for you.

We will give you never-before-seen tools and advice that can alter your destructive patterns and change your relationship for the better almost immediately.

Sharing the right emotions, at the right time, is the the solution to breaking out of your communication rut.

Not only will sharing emotions the right way revive your communication patterns but, with the tools and resources you'll learn in The Healing Broken Trust Workshop, you will feel closer than even before the affair.

Let us teach you the scientifically proven formula for how to understand, access, encourage, & reassure your partner to share their emotion around the affair(s).


Attend Virtually Via Zoom Or At

Stoney Creek Hotel, 200 W. Albany Street Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Register Today For Only $2500

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*Cost of registration does not include travel, hotel, or meals. 

Let's Fast Forward Just A Little Bit...

If you could wave a wand and go back to your original hopes for your life and your marriage...what would it look like?

How would it feel to know your partner in a deeper more meaningful way? Is that something you would like?

How would it feel to fall back in love with each other? But this time without the issues.

What would it feel like to keep your kids togetherYOU did what it took to get the life so few are able to achieve.

Could the loving meaningful relationship be right under your nose? Wouldn't it be nice to not have to start over with someone new?

The Wonderful Life Is Accessible And Achievable For Anyone Willing To Give It A Try...It Only Takes A Short Amount Of Time.

What We Cover In The 3-Day Healing Broken Trust Workshop:

The Affair Repair Remedy

• The Stages of Affair Repair so that you’ll have a birds eye view of the healing process, and can avoid common pitfalls that almost every couple experiences

Gain thorough understanding of WHY this happened, so you can find lasting peace and regain your sanity. 

• Learn the secrets of how to get and receive full transparency from the wayward partner, so the disclosure stage of healing can be behind you. 

• Discover how to stop thinking about the affair and the grisly images and details that haunt you, so that you can finally be free. 

• Discover the little used ways to get off the emotional rollercoaster that the affair(s) have put you on. 

• Get a road map for working through the uncertain times that you can follow, and gain support that’ll reinforce that you are headed in the right direction 

• Get guidance on the initial steps after discovery, so you can avoid costly mistakes that delay healing, and know how you want to proceed smoothly together as a couple. 

The Negative Feedback Loops Breakthrough:

• Finally break free from negative cycles of communication, so you can communicate more effectively, with much less conflict and avoidance of important issues.

• Gain an understanding of what’s inside the mind of the wayward partner, so they feel more predictable and you feel safe.

• Gain an understanding of what’s inside the mind of the injured partner, so you know what they need, and understand how to give it to them.  

• As the wayward partner, learn what to do and say to start earning the trust of your mate back, so they can see you again and look past the affair(s).

• Developing a positive cycle of communication, so you both feel heard and important.

• Discover the real secrets to communicating and working through your issues. 

• Find out what it means to heal in each other’s arms and how to get there, so you can start having positive cycles and stop negative cycles of communication. 

The Total Marriage Makeover Revolution

Discover the problems couples encounter because they are making progress, so that you’re aware and know what to do when it happens to you. 

• Receive the proven roadmap on what needs addressing on the marriage side of your relationship, to avoid future pain from more mistakes, so you can finally have the tools to make your marriage stronger than it was before. 

• Discover the one question to ask each other to always know where your relationship is at on any given day.

• Get the very specific practices or rituals that you need to incorporate into your relationship so that you can avoid the common mistake of missing one or more and stall the healing process. 

Experience emotional breakthroughs, that bring deep healing, so you can live a life of true freedom, that’s no longer plagued by the past. 

How This Works For You...

This is different than anything else you've tried.  

  • You get the benefit of decades of our clinical experience working with couples and individuals 1-on-1 


  • ​Rewind and revisit materials that are proven to repair broken trust as much or as little as you want

  • ​Designed to minimize conflict and increase positive connection which means less fighting or avoiding


  • ​Save yourself time, money, and stress by choosing a true expert in healing broken trust

What You Get As A Workshop Attendee...

Workshop Workbook - Valued @ $47

Healing Broken Trust Master Class - Valued @ $585

  • 6 Video Sessions + 1 Bonus Video
  • Video Slides Follow Along
  • Reflection Exercise
  • 104 Question Discussion Guide
  • 1 Trauma Exercise
  • Audio Option Included
  • Bonus Audio
  • Valued @ $585

Group Follow Up 6 Weeks + 52 Weeks - Valued @ $497

  • Virtual meetings facilitated by workshop attendees
  • Optional (not mandatory)
  • 6 Weeks then 52 Weeks if you choose to continue
  • Weekly assignments
  • Valued @ $497

The Healing Broken Trust Masterclass

Get lifetime access to video and audio sessions, exercises, homework, and more so you can start right now or continue after the workshop to transform your unique communication cycle and unlock deeper more meaningful communication by understanding your emotion and how to share it for healing change. 12.5 hours of Brad laying it all out there in a clear and easy to follow format.

Valued at $585

The Healing Broken Trust Workshop Workbook

This 27 page exercise outlines how to have a HEALING affair recovery conversation that ends happily without yelling.  Also, helps to clarify why you're doing this work. It also dives deeper into the HEALING Conversations concept as it applies to affair recovery.

Valued at $47

Group Follow Up Support

Get access to the ongoing support you need through virtual meetings with others healing and growing right along with you.

Valued at $497

The Healing Broken Trust 3-Day LIVE Workshop

Bring your spouse to beautiful Tulsa, OK either in person or via zoom for a 3 day live workshop with Brad and Morgan Robinson!!! 

Valued at $3000


Register Today For Only $2500 

(Save $1629)

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Sun, Jan. 23: 9am - 1pm

We'll Show You How To Decode The Language They Use To Describe The Infidelity and Really Understand What They Say vs. What They Mean

Does Your Spouse Say:

  • “I just can’t talk to you about this without you getting upset”
  • “I’m not sure how we can overcome the pain”
  • “I don’t know why this happened”
  • “I’m not sure I can trust or believe you”

Learn To Share Your Feelings In A Way That Gets You What You Want

  • Do you want to get over the affair for real?
  • Do you want to jump start your healing together?
  • Do you need a step-by-step guide to talking with your spouse in a way that is productive and meets your goals?
  • Do you want help processing your feelings? 
  • Do you want help sharing those feelings without a fight or lock-down of emotions?  

And after this 3 day transformational workshop - you’ll walk away with a game plan that tells you “what to say” and “what to do” to not only save your marriage… but make it stronger than BEFORE the affair!

Trusted By Top Celebrities Like...

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Repair Their Marriages...

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Register Today For Only $2500 

(Save $1129)

Have Questions Or Want To Chat With Our Team About Whether The Workshop Might Be The Right Fit For You? Call Us Now @ 918-281-6060 or CLICK HERE To Schedule A Free Call!

Register Today For Only $2500 

(Save $1129)

Have Questions Or Want To Chat With Our Team About Whether The Workshop Might Be The Right Fit For You? Call Us Now @ 918-281-6060 or CLICK HERE To Schedule A Free Call!

Over the last 10+ years, Brad and Morgan Robinson have helped over 5,834+ couples work through their marriage troubles...

...and over that time, they've developed a proven system that will help you begin healing so that you can get over the feelings of anger, sadness and guilt... Help you get closure from the situation so that you can stop thinking about it all the time and understand why it happened to you so that you can get inside the mind of your spouse and be certain that it won't happen again...

And you'll also walk away with a game plan that tells you "what to say" and "what to do" to not only save your marriage... but make it stronger than BEFORE the affair!

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